It doesn’t get any simpler and easier than this. Its just like Microsoft Synctoy but with lot less to configure and it specifically works with your Android device. Synx it a nifty little utility which keeps the media on your Android device perfectly synced with the folder you specified on your computer. Just simply open […]

Free download Windows 8 developer preview

by hamid on September 14, 2011


Finally Microsoft has unleashed the power and innovation behind the next big iteration of its windows OS i.e. Windows 8 during the BUILD conference yesterday. Unlike the history however, Microsoft is willingly offering everybody around the world to download a copy of Windows 8 developer preview version for absolutely no cost at all. Windows 8 […]


From time to time the developers behind the application used on mobile phones or computers dish out special deals and reduce their app prices for some time. Not available on any other platform, but AppPlus for Android really keeps a watch on these price drops and and notify the user when a drop occur. Very […]


Instead of going to iOS app store, Google has launched its music service “Google Music” on iPhone in the form of a webapp contrary to a native app on Android. You just need to point your iPhone’s browser to, punch in your Google user name and password and the Google Music web app is […]

Engadget’s Windows 8 preview praises the OS

by hamid on September 13, 2011


Yes, the guys over at Engadget got their hands on a Samsung series 7 slate installed with the next big and entirely revamped version of Windows OS i.e. Windows 8 and they went on about testing the operating system and previewing the features and innovation next Windows is going to offer. Engadget was very pleased […]


Facebook has just update it client for Android handsets to version v1.7 which bring a bunch of new features and much sought after performance tweaks to the masses of Android. The very first new feature which has been there in the iOS version of Facebook client for quite sometime now is the pull to refresh […]


iOS has its own version of remote app which controls the iTunes running on a computer connected to the same WiFi network you iOS device is connected to. Same task can now be achieved on an Android device with the help of this app called iRemote which provides a little bit of extra functionality. iRemote […]


Windows Phone 7.1 Mango has brought some 500 new features and the few of the key features were already exposed by Microsoft in the Mango launch event. This video uploaded to you by a Swedish user (yes sadly the video is not in English) explore and show more features of the next big upgrade of […]


So the big G i.e. Google has announced a new mobile payment system called “Google Wallet” based on NFC, a technology which has been making its way to the news for quite some time now. But more interesting news is that Google was instantly sued over Google Wallet as soon as it was announced by […]


It should be a really good news for Android hacking community out there. HTC CEO Peter Chou has now said it very loud and clear on the HTC’s official Facebook page that HTC devices will not be shipped with a locked boot loader. Image courtesy of AndroidCentral Here’s what Peter Chou said: "There has been […]