Stream torrents to iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad with NowStream

by hamid on May 26, 2011

When we think about torrents the very first word which comes to our minds is “Piracy”. There is nothing which you cant find on torrents. From Movies to games, music, ebooks, porn, heck everything. So there is no possible way for Apple to approve an app like NowStream which downloads and stream movie torrents to your iOS devices even if we know that torrents are also used for legitimate and legal download. There’s just too much “Piracy” available and Apple wont allow that.

The solution obviously would be a web app and that web app is called NowStream.

nowstream thumb Stream torrents to iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad with NowStream

NowStream is developed by Sohail Prasad but the web app is still not deployed as the developer is still working on the legal side of the app. For now you can sign up at to be notified once it goes live but in the meantime, you can watch the demo of the app below which was shown in TechCrunch disrupt 2011.


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