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by on March 27, 2009

In today’s world most of work on different computers i.e. in office, in home, in internet cafe, airports and we tend to keep our data mobile with the help of a usb flash drive. I for example download something in my office computer and use my flash drive hooked to my car key chain to copy these files over to my home computer. Leaving the flash drive attached to my car key chain cause a lot of shocks and mishandling like I even drop it some times and this can result in the data getting corrupted on the flash drive or the drive itself getting errors. Check Flash can come as a handy little tool to let me scan and fix errors on my flash drive.

check flash

Check Flash is a freeware application that tests and formats flash drives and displays important information about any flash drive. the interface is simple and easy to understand. The application is capable of running both read and write tests in order to determine the speed performance of the device and its physical health.

There are three different types of tests which can be performed. A temporary file, access it as a logical drive or as physical device. The differences between these three types of drive access consist in the safety level of the procedure and the number of options enabled. Using a temporary file for the test gives you a minimum of features but, on the other hand, it is totally safe for the evaluated device. Testing the device in the other two modes will ask you to format the drive so you need to make sure that there is no important data in your flash drive.

Once the test is completed, the program window will let you know if there are any errors on your drive and you can choose if you need to buy a new drive for you or not

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