iPod touch 3G (3rd generation) vs iPod touch 4G (4th generation): Comparison

by on September 5, 2010

Earlier this week Apple announced the next line up of iPods for the coming holiday season and most notable was the next iPod touch. The new iPod touch (4th generation) is better in a lot of things as compared to its predecessor (3rd Generation) like the same Retina display which now shines on the new iPhone 4, A4 chip, HD camera, face time and improved battery performance. Also with the introduction of iOS 4.1 the device will have lots of improvements and added features deep inside, the most important of that is the Game Center.

ipodtouch thumb iPod touch 3G (3rd generation) vs iPod touch 4G (4th generation): Comparison

For those of you who are interested to know the difference between the last generation of iPod Touch 3rd gen as compared to the shiny new iPod touch 4th gen can look at the below table for the in-depth comparison.

ipodtouch3Gvs4g thumb iPod touch 3G (3rd generation) vs iPod touch 4G (4th generation): Comparison

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  • JOSH

    i ordered a 4th gen last week cant wait to actually use it!!!

  • Anonymous

    Congrats…I am sure you would enjoy it…

  • Tonyk23

    Hello, the 4th generation iPod Touch actually does not have 512 MB of RAM… there is proof of this on iFixIt, as they have done a teardown of an iPod Touch 4G to reveal only 256 MB of RAM.

  • Shock Wave Kagamine

    Actually,I prefer the iPhone 3GS & iPod Touch 3G… ><

  • Sk8terBoi

    I agree…because the 4Gs are BUSTED. (:

  • Krystal

    Can anyone translate to English? No idea what any of that means. :) I want to know if it’s worth my while trading in my iPod Touch 3g for an iPod Touch 4g. Anyone traded 3g for a 4g and noticed the difference? Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    Brother…this site IS in fact in english. Please visit the en version here http://www.thelifedigital.com/ipod-touch-3rd-generation-vs-ipod-touch-4th-generation-comparison/

  • Anonymous

    I think you may have accidentally heard 4g instead of 3g

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  • Forever_jesslyn

    so do you guys think it’s worth paying about $50 more (not including taxes) for 4g? should i get the 3g or the 4g?

  • http://www.thelifedigital.com Hamid

    Buddy….iPod touch 4G is definitely better. Look at the Retina display for example, better CPU speed and support for newer iOS is definitely worth the extra dime.

  • Ethanskneethans

    What do you guys think of the new Archos 43, and 32 mini-tablets? think they’re better than the ipod touch?

  • Ethanskneethans

    with the name “krystal” i’d assume it’s a girl…

  • Vbfdhj

    ipod 4g is waaaaaaaaaay better than ipod 3g

  • Vbfdhj

    ipod 4g is waaaaaaaaaay better than ipod 3g

  • momo

    the RAM of the ipod touch 4th gen is only 256MB

  • Yop

    Um, guys, I think Krystal was talking about the technical jargon in the table – for example, the operating systems, or the WiFi info may seem a little confusing and hard to understand.

  • Anonymous

    was this 8gb version

  • Legend-of-coop

    Hi, Will the 4g connect safely to speaker docks designed for the 2g & 3g models?? Many thanks.

  • The_Great_One


  • Homestylecookie

    you mean the ram for 3rd generation is 256 MB

  • teresa

    actually, you are wrong about this, Homestyle. The ram on the 4 is 512

  • teresa

    I am really stumped on what to buy my son for Christmas. He would like an ipod touch. From what I am reading, the 4th generation really seems to be the way to go. He loves to take videos and play games but I am afraid that an 8G will not have enough capacity but I dont want to break the bank. Will 8G get used up in no time?

  • Granty

    ive just got one of these and i have not used it yet could someone tell me what it is like

  • Swaserma

    I think the earphones from the 2G or 3G will work on the iPod touch 4g because my dad has those earphones and they worked on my iPod touch 4G. I think the iPod touch 4g is better than iPod touch 3G. Maybe you might like the iPod touch 3G if you don’t need FaceTime even though it is a good feature, maybe a speaker on the device itself, more battery power, better screen resolution and front and back facing camera then you should get an iPod touch 3G. If you think to pay a little more just for all these feature then you should get the iPod touch 4g. Also there is 8gb, 32gb and 64gb capacity s for the iPod touch 4g. If your child wants to have a iPod touch for a year and is careful with the space then get him 8gb. If 2 years then get 32gb or if your child will use all the time or for many years 32gb or 64gb. By the way I answered this on my iPod touch 4g. I hope this helps you.

  • Anominouys

    all in all the 4g is better than the 3g

  • ren

    in what way does the fourth generation of ipod touch is busted?

  • Batitibetlogan

    tang ina nyo..

  • Batitibetlogan

    teresa sana mabasa mo to..
    para kang si mark..cute!
    ang baho din bg vigina you!

  • Brycewilliam2009

    no it holds quit alot of stuff

  • Www Maddffghjbd

    i am getting a ipod 4 and i have read lots of great reviews!

  • Benny

    Actually, you read it wrong and failed badly, Teresa.

  • Rebeccaryde595

    No it doesn’t I have 8 gb n I hold over 500 pictures and videos with lots of apps n I’ve still got loads of space :)

  • Herman Jackson

    I have to disagree with you on this. I had the Ipod touch 3g and sold it to get the 4g…and boy was I disappointed. The 3g has a better build to it than the 4G and the colors on the 3g was a WHOLE lot better to me. The colors on the 4g seemed washed out for some reason. And the build quality…..well this things is way too light and too thin. It almost feels cheap. I don’t buy Ipods for the apps, and games….I buy it for music and as far as music on the 3g and 4g…it’s the same. There is NO difference. Take it from someone who has owned both.

    I touch 4g has a camera..who cares? I take pictures with my phone that has a MUCH better camera. It’s (4g) suppose to have the retina display like the Iphone which is suppose to be better…I doubt that. The retina display on the iphone is not all that. I have a TOP of the Line  Android phone that would put the Iphone to shame. People “hype” the Iphone cause it’s apple and there are a lot of “apple-crack” people out there…..as it was with Blackberry severals years ago. And you see what has happened to Blackberry. If you wake UP and stop “sniffing” Apple-Crack…you will soon see that Android is and will be taking over the Market. I bought the Ipod touch because Zune has stopped production on the Zune HD. Actually the Zune HD musically was a better player…but had a smaller screen…but better screen. Ipod touch was the next best PMP player on the market next to the Zune.   

  • Toduah

    I’m sure u don’t have one that’s why you hate the 4g

  • Trevor

    Depends on how much stuff he wants to hold. I listen to a lot of different music so i have close to 31gb of music on my iTunes meaning I need at least a 32g, probably more. I say they bring back the 16gb personally… It was perfect; the 8gb doesn’t really hold enough and the 32gb is a bit over the edge on cash.

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  • Andres Carlos178

    I traded my ipod touch 3g for the 4g and the 4g is a lot faster than the 3g because it has a built in speaker which it is better for me.

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