How to open multiple tabs on Firefox startup

by on March 25, 2009

You wake up in the morning, go to washroom, brush teeth, take a shower, have breakfast and go on with your day. There are always some things in everybody’s daily life that they do as a routine. Same is the case with using computers and Internet. I for one have a daily routine of accessing my Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Adsense, Google Reader as first things when I open up my Firefox first thing in the morning. Firefox makes it easy for me to make all of these services as my homepages which can be opened at once when Firefox starts.

firefox open multiple tabs

The process is very simple off course. Just open up your favorite websites in different tabs which you would like to open at once at Firefox startup. Go to tools menu and select option. In the Firefox options dialog box select the main properties tab and under startup section click the “Use Current Pages” button.

Next time when you will open up your Firefox browsers it will open all your favorite website in different tabs all at once.

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