[FireFox] Save images from all opened tabs at once

by on February 10, 2009

Save images is a firefox add-on which allows you to save all the images in the opened tabs of your firefox browser at once with the help of few clicks.


Simply install this add-on and a new sub menu “Save Images” will appear in the tools menu and the right click menu of firefox, from there you are given quite a few options to save opened images accordingly. You can

  1. Save all images from current tab
  2. Save images from the left side or right side tabs of the current tab
  3. Save images from all the opened tabs
  4. Open all image links or regular links in a single tab or separate tabs. This is particularly handy when say you are browsing a site with the links of images or link of sub pages where there are more images of your favorite celebrity or porn star and you want to save all photos to your hard drive. Just open all the image and sub pages links in a tab and use “Save images” to save all.
  5. Set size limit of the images to prevent downloading of unwanted images.
  6. And more

Download “Save Images” via [MyDigitialLife]

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