Enhance your photos online with photo makeup

by on March 21, 2009

MakeUp Photo is an online photo enhancer Web2.0 tool that literally enhance your photos portraits by adding computer generated virtual makeup to make them look more vibrant clean and elegant.The application automatically applies eye and skin makeup, removes imperfections, whitens teeth and adds special glamour soft focus effect as seen in the following image

photomakeup thumb Enhance your photos online with photo makeup

You just need to upload your photo or select an image url to which you want to apply the effect and MakeUp photo will automatically enhance your image by adding the effects discussed above. You can optionally select which effect you want to apply and which to ignore. The enhanced image can be downloaded or saved online (registration needed), and share with others by forwarding a direct link or embed code.

Apply makeup to your photos online by visiting

www.makeup.pho.to [Via: MakeUseOf]

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