Easiest way to make bootable Linux usb flash drive

by on October 4, 2010

Now this is as easy as 1-2-3. Making and keeping handy a bootable linux usb flash drive is very useful in emergency troubleshooting and recovering data from a malfunctioned windows partition. An example scenario would be my friends laptop which is quite old and the windows startup was corrupted. I tried many things, from system restore to startup repair but could not log in to Window Vista. Now usually laptops hard drives are only on partition with all the data on it.

Installing a fresh windows would result in the loss of Data for my friend. The bootable linux flash drive came in very handy for this situation. Within no time we were able to boot up in Ubuntu live, connect an external usb hard disk to the system and were able to copy every bit of data from the laptop’s hard drive to the external hard drive.

Here’s how you would be able to make a bootable linux flash drive the easiest way.

- Download Universal USB installer from PenDriveLinux.com

- Run the program

pen drive linux thumb Easiest way to make bootable Linux usb flash drive 

- Select version of the linux you want to install. We chose Ubuntu 10.04

- Point the program to the location of linux iso you downloaded from the internet.

- Select the drive letter of the USB flash drive you have hooked up to the usb port of your computer.

- Check “We will format X: as FAt32” where X is the drive letter for your mounted flash drive.

- Make sure the pen drive is atleast 2GB in size.

- Leave all other settings be and click on Create. Now sit back and wait while the Universal USB installer will do the rest of the work. Within minutes, when its finished, you will have your bootable linux usb flash drive ready.

- To boot from this usb flash drive, you need to enable support for booting from the usb drives in your mother board as well as select your usb flash drive as the first drive in the booting order.

The goodies…..You will be able to connect to internet via LAN or Wi-Fi once you are all booted up in the live environment of the linux and if you choose, you can install the linux on your hard drive as well.

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